Foods That Help To Prevent Constipation

The concept of constipation are bowel movements that are hard to flow or infrequent release. When defecating (pooing), constipation causes pain sometimes. Constipation comes in various forms such as obstipation which is unability to poo or fart, fecal impaction which the poo can’t pass through and bowel obstruction which the person is unable to poo or pass bowel. The foods above would help in the process of easy bowl movements.

Some of the foods to help bowel movements can prevent constipation are:

liquid water, high fiber cereal, strawberries, almonds, broccoli, ground flaxseed, popcorn, black beans, yogurt, and prunes (This is a dried plum and can be a mild laxative. This food is also high in antioxidant properties.)

Food Cravings

The Cravings

Food cravings is experienced by many people.  Sometimes people will go out of their way to obtain the desired foods which is craved.

There is one key element that is part of the craving.  It is sodium chloride, the common salt.

Common salt is important for metabolism, and sometimes it is met through food or exceeded.  Studies have shown that when a person eats low salt foods, there seems to be a strong appetite for salty foods.  This means that more salty foods become more delicious.

For Western World, there is a strong desire for the food chocolates.  The craving for chocolate is the craving for sweet foods.  Chocolate has an optimal balance of sugar and fat which makes the taste very good.  Chocolate cravings is shown more frequent in women.  This craving is influenced by hormonal changes.  The cravings peak at time of menstruation and also during pregnancy.

As omnivores, the taste seeks to have variety in the foods.

Camu Camu ( Myrciaria dubia )

Camu camu, also known as Myrciaria dubia is a bushy tree along the river. This fruit can be located in the rainforest of Peru and Brazil. The fruit can be red or puprle in color. The fruit also has a high vitamin C volume. The camu camu can have an appearance of small flowers with a waxy white petals and sweet smelling aroma. The camu camu plant is used most often for ice creams.

camu tree branch
Camu Camu tree branches

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