Foods That Help To Prevent Constipation

The concept of constipation are bowel movements that are hard to flow or infrequent release. When defecating (pooing), constipation causes pain sometimes. Constipation comes in various forms such as obstipation which is unability to poo or fart, fecal impaction which the poo can’t pass through and bowel obstruction which the person is unable to poo or pass bowel. The foods above would help in the process of easy bowl movements.

Some of the foods to help bowel movements can prevent constipation are:

liquid water, high fiber cereal, strawberries, almonds, broccoli, ground flaxseed, popcorn, black beans, yogurt, and prunes (This is a dried plum and can be a mild laxative. This food is also high in antioxidant properties.)

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